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Keeping the Vision in 2020


President's Message - November/December

I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming holiday season. During this holiday season, take a moment to reflect on this past year and the love ones that help contribute to your wellbeing. I am truly thankful to serve as the President of this tremendous organization and having an executive committee working to improve the forensic community.

Our executive committee is excited about the upcoming 2020 year!!! Within the next year, CSDIAI plans on improving our social media content and web design for our membership. Please follow our social platforms for up to date current information on content related to the forensic community.

In addition, to updating our social platforms, we are excited about our upcoming conference located in Palm Springs (May 18-22, 2020). The theme for the conference is “Keeping the Vision in 2020”. The meaning behind the theme is not only a play on the calendar year but an ideal that forensic practitioners should adhere to when performing forensic duties. One must focus all efforts on providing optimal service to respective communities because our actions are important both within and outside of the crime scene barriers. If you are interested in receiving a free registration to the 2020 training seminar, applications are still being accepted for the William A. Snare memorial scholarship and grant.

The agenda for this presidency is to grow our membership through education and training as mentioned before. As a continuous effort to grow our membership, CSDIAI is having a membership drive and one could win a free registration for recommending new members. The member who recruits the most new members which are approved for membership, between August 11, 2019 to March 14, 2020 will have their 2020 conference registration fee covered. YAY!!!

May you and your families and love ones be blessed with the wonderful spirt of the season,



AC Brogdon

CSDIAI President 2019-2020

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We are in the process of updating our Bylaws and Constitution, while these articles are updated on our website, please refer to the links below.



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Our membership renewal process has changed. Please take a moment to read through these two articles.

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