Mission Statement

This organization is a not-for-profit, professional, association dedicated to the application of the Forensic Sciences in the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice communities, as well as the private sector. The Division's charter was granted in August of 1916 making us the first Division to hold a charter under the parent body (IAI).

Our membership numbers in excess of 650 persons throughout the United States with the majority of members working in the State of California.

To bring persons, who are actively engaged in the profession of Identification and Scientific Investigation, into an organized body so that the profession, in all of its disciplines, may be administered and practiced in an ethical and effective manner.

To encourage the improvement of all disciplines of Forensic Identification and Investigation by fostering and supporting the need for original research, refinements of current methodology and professional training.

To promote the sharing and dissemination of information and knowledge by sponsoring training seminars, publishing papers and articles and encouraging members to openly discuss all aspects of theirs profession with their peers and others seeking knowledge and skill.

To set the highest standards of ethical, scientific and professional conduct for its members and to make those who command, manage or supervise within the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice communities aware of these standards and encourage their adoption in these communities.

To inspire in our members a professional's pride and commitment to serve Law Enforcement, the Criminal Justice System and society in general by applying their knowledge and skill to the best of their abilities.

Mark A. Waldo - CSDIAI 2015-2016


As the President of the California State Division of the International Association for Identification and on behalf of the Executive Board Members and Officers, I would like to welcome you to our website. Our website will be in the process of an updated transformation. However, until then you can still find information about the latest employment opportunities, available training, membership, scholarships and, of course, The Digest.

I would like to introduce myself to those whom may not know me. I started my forensics career as an Intern in the Forensic Services Unit of the Garden Grove Police Department in 1993 and in 1995; I was hired on full time with the Santa Ana Police Department. During my tenure with the Santa Ana Police Department, I was given the opportunity to work different assignments--all while in the Forensic Services Section. These assignments ranged from undercover, Forensic Firearms to the Incident Command Team of the Homeland Security Division. Most recently, I was promoted as Lead Forensic Specialist.

I enjoy learning as much as I do teaching, which is why I have attained over 1800 hours of formalized training in a variety of forensic disciplines; as well as being court recognized as an expert in Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Reconstruction and Gunshot Trajectory. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice Management. I am Certified as Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA), and just recently completed my Masters in Forensic Science.

I enjoy being active in Professional Forensic Organizations, which enables me to have a voice in the new developments and/or changes in our general field or a specific discipline. I have been active with CSDIAI since 2000, and I have been honored to serve on the board for the last eight years. Some of my goals for this year will be to:

  • Obtain at least one new member from every la enforcement agency in California
  • Build a stronger relationship with our neighboring state divisions of the IAI
  • Inspire current members to become more active in the association

Being active in your association, not only helps the association but promotes  your career. I challenge each of you to reach out to colleagues who are not members and encourage them to join. As we embark into the next century, my theme for this year's Educational Seminar is "Continuing the Tradition of Excellence in the Next Century." We should be so proud to be part of one of the oldest and largest professional forensic association in the world.

As we celebrate the centennial of this prestigious organization, may we reflect on all the men and women who have worked so hard to continue the tradition of excellence and continue their work in maintaining the integrity and strength in the promotion of forensic science.

In closing, I encourage everyone to continue to seek the latest training and education, not only to better your resume, but to strengthen your skills and knowledge in general forensics or a specific discipline. May we have a great centennial year. I look forward to serving you this term.


Mark A. Waldo
President CSDIAI

Membership Drive Winners

The Membership Committee would like to congratulate Jessica Liang, Pertchoui Mariam  Grigorian and Sally Avila.


You are the winners of the 2015-2016 Membership Drive!


Thank you for your support.

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