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Conference Guidebook


We have launched our first ever, electronic program for our upcoming conference!  Please use the link below to download the app for your mobile device or tablet.

All of the speakers and classes that are scheduled to date are uploaded into this program.  As we add vendors, speakers, sponsors, and scheduling info it will all be updated to this program in real time and will be accessible immediately to the users.

Please use the instructions below to access the program and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.



Western States Joint Conference IAI has gone mobile!

We're excited to announce we have a brand new mobile guide for you to use on Guidebook! Get the guide to access the most up-to-date information about our event, including schedules, maps, and much more.

Get our guide here: https://guidebook.com/g/westernstatesjointconference

Android and iOS users:

    Tap the "Download" button to download the free Guidebook app
    Open Guidebook and you can find our "Western States Joint Conference IAI" guide

    Scan the code below. It will take you to the guidebook.

See you there!

— Western States Joint Conference IAI Team



2018 Program Preview

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