Distinguished Member

Distinguished Member Procedures

As approved by the CSD-IAI Executive Committee, October 26, 2013, in Visalia, CA   


Overall Eligibility and Points (10 points overall minimum, no maximum):

Publication (minimum of 4 points, maximum of 6 points):  
Articles are eligible at the rate of 1 point for each authored or co-authored original article published in the California Identification Digest.  Articles in any previous version of the Digest (Ident-O-Gram, Monthly Newsletter, etc.) are not eligible.  Articles published in the SCAFO Print or the Journal of Forensic Identification are not eligible unless the article(s) were later re-printed in the Digest.  


Participation (minimum of 4 points, maximum of 6 points):

Attendance at CSD-IAI annual training seminars at the rate of 1 point for each year, with a maximum of 2 points for this sub-category.

Executive Committee member / Certification Board member / Committee member at the rate of 1 point per year, with a maximum of 3 points for this sub- category.

Participation in a Seminar Staff Committee (Speakers Chair, Vendors Chair, Hospitality Room Chair, etc., excluding president) at the rate of 1 point per year, with a maximum of 4 points for this sub-category.

Presentation of a lecture or workshop at an Annual Training Seminar at a rate of 1 point per presentation.  

Association recognition (no minimum, maximum of 2 points):

Pletts Award at the rate of 1 point.  

Past president at the rate of 1 point.  

There is no deadline, per se, for applying for Distinguished Membership.  Applications will be accepted throughout the year, however, the Executive Committee will only vote on applications at their regularly-scheduled meetings (generally, seminar and Mid-Year).  

There is no yearly limit as to the number of Distinguished Memberships that may be awarded.  Likewise, there is no requirement that a Distinguished Membership must be awarded at all in a given year.  

Applicant – complete the application fully and submit copies of all necessary documents to support the claims for points.  Keep in mind the minimums and maximums of the point structure.  

Secretary-Treasurer – will receive the application and forward it in a timely manner to the Membership Committee.  Following an affirmative vote of the Executive Committee (below), a Distinguished Member certificate will be prepared, and the California Identification Digest editor will be notified.  

Membership Committee – will review the application to insure that it is complete and accurate.  This is the point in the process where the applicant may be contacted to clarify something or to provide additional documentation.  The Membership Committee will forward the application to the Chair of the Executive Committee with a recommendation for or against approval.  All applications will be sent to the Executive Committee Chair, even if the Membership Committee is against approval.  

Executive Committee – will review the application and the recommendation of the Membership Committee (approval or denial).  By majority vote, the Executive Committee will have the final say as to whether Distinguished Membership is granted or denied.  In the event the application is denied, the applicant will be notified and allowed to correct any deficiencies.


Application Form (pdf)

Procedures 10-26-2013

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